Abundant Therapist: Always charge what you are worth

It’s sale time at the shops here in the UK. Clearance or mark-downs, call it what you will, a sale is a way of selling more for less.

Now we all love a bargain but when it comes to your therapy clinic, never discount your rates.

Believe me you will be pressurized to do so. Whether it is a friend who asks for ‘mates’ rates’ or a regular patient who tries to negotiate a ‘special price’.

My advice is to withstand this pressure. The simple reason – you are charging what you are worth.

I am not the cheapest physiotherapist in my area, but I am never short of patients.

The reason is that people know I am the best and they are willing to pay for my expertise.

If you start to discount for one patient, the word will soon get around.

Patients may even start questioning your expertise if they believe you need to start knocking down your prices to fill your clinic.

As ever, my mantra is ‘be the very best you can be’. That means delivering first class treatment in a professional and relaxed setting.

Your whole clinic operation – from the booking system to the decor to the follow-up – has to make your patient feel valued.

There will always be cheaper clinics and therapists in your area – whether you offer sports massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture or aesthetic services.

You may want to investigate a loyalty scheme or an incentive if someone buys a block of treatments, but never  feel guilty for charging what you are worth.

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