Abundant Therapist: Are you ready for summer?

This week in the UK the temperature is forecast to soar.
On these wonderful summer days you want to spend time with friends and family after work.
You do not want to spend glorious summer evenings fretting about paperwork, invoicing and software problems.
Therapists like you running your own clinic need systems in place that allow the administration of your business to run itself.
Therapists working with me on my Therapy Business Accelerator (TBA) course are learning how to do just that.
“Systems” is one of the three pillars of success of TBA. Having systems in place will free you up to concentrate on your core skill of giving treatments to your clients.
I know I have spoken to you about this recently but I cannot stress how vital it is.
I have seen so many therapists become disheartened when they set up their own clinics. It is often at this time of year when things get too much. Family reunions, weddings and other celebrations take place at this time of year. If you are a therapist juggling work with a young family, you will know there are many summer school events to timetable.
It is not the work itself that gets therapists like you down – it is the administration, computer problems, booking and diary planning that often proof too much on top of an already busy schedule.
You must recognise that you will not make money as a therapist unless you sort out your systems.
Clients will go elsewhere if your booking and invoicing system does not function.
Your income is dependent on your administration as much as your treatment skills.
We are in the therapy business for two reasons. To help and treat our wonderful clients using our skills and also to provide a healthy income for ourselves and our families.
My TBA therapists are learning how to put systems in place so they have free time after their clinic closes to be with loved ones.
If you cannot spare time for friends and family this summer, ask yourself this question. “How could I improve my business?”
The answer is simple, join me on my TBA course and I will show you how you should be relaxing after work, not panicking about tax bills, computer malfunctions, empty appointment slots and invoices.
I can give you an idea of my methods, completely free of charge, if you put your name and email address in the box on this page.
I will send you my ebook ‘The 3 mistakes that therapists make in their business by not using a recommendations system and ….how to fix them!’
I will also send you an invitation to join my private Facebook page where you can learn more about TBA.

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,


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