Abundant Therapist: Are you super-organised in your therapy business?

This week in the UK it is the half term holiday for many schools. And, would you believe, it is only two months to the Christmas holidays!

Time goes so fast and when you are trying to juggle a successful working life with a busy family, it pays to be super-organised.

However to be super-organised, you need to take time out to work on your business, not in your business.

This is hard at the outset, when you are starting up or trying to grow your own independent therapy clinic.

Time out equals money lost, I hear you say.

But believe me, setting a few hours aside each week to plan ahead, rather than to see clients, is not time wasted.

It is time that will bring you rewards – both in financial terms and in peace of mind.

How about trying this small exercise. Don’t waste time during a busy day sweating over issues that cannot be fixed then and there. When you have a worry or concern, write it down and leave it.

Make time during the week when you can look over the list and work out solutions. And, most importantly, put a system in place to make sure the concern is dealt with once and for all.

Have you found a way to organise yourself effectively?

Or is it time to ask for help?

Please don’t battle on alone. Give yourself a break and get some help.

My business coaching system was developed by me, a physical therapist, to help healthcare professionals run successful, money-making clinics that run smoothly.

Have a read of my e-book  The 3 mistakes that therapists make in their business by not using a recommendations system and ….how to fix them!

You will get an insight into the way I work with therapists just like you.

Work with me and you will become super-organised and happy in your work. And you will make good money.

If you are still unsure about seeking help, why not contact me for free advice on my private Facebook page. Send me a question and I will get straight back.

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,










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