Abundant Therapist: Aromatherapy Awareness Week

You will all know by now the importance I place on networking, on being part of the bigger picture.
Being connected will help you grow as a therapist and also help your business to grow.
One easy way to link up with other therapists and bring in new clients is by supporting the many awareness days that run throughout the year.
Aromatherapy Awareness Week falls in the UK between June 5 and 11 and is an ideal opportunity for aromatherapists and other therapists who use essential oils in their work to explain their uses.
Why don’t you think about offering special, introductory sessions for new clients during this week?
Contact your existing clients as well to tell them about the awareness week, give them details of your special sessions and send them web links so they can find out more about the history of aromatherapy.
Another good tip is to contact groups who are often on the look-out for speakers. Pitch the idea that, as a therapist using oils, Aromatherapy Awareness Week would be a good time for you to speak to their members.
You will sure to pick up some new clients.
I will be reminding you of other awareness weeks in my blogs throughout the year. If you haven’t got time this year to get a promotion organised, make a note to sort it for 2018.
You know how I love forward planning.
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