Abundant Therapist: The art of attracting clients

It has been so much fun over the past few weeks hearing from therapists who wish to join my coaching programme.
Many are newly qualified therapists, others are long established but they all want to make more money out of their skills.
Those who have signed up for my new business coaching programme are finding out about my three principles for running a successful therapy business. And I am really looking forward to meeting even more of you and helping your realise your dreams.
Last time I talked to you about setting up systems in your business, my first principle. This is all about the importance of getting the basics right, whether you are an aromatherapist, a sports therapist, a nutritionist or a beauty therapist. Believe me, you do not have the time and energy to waste sorting out admin problems in your business. The basics must be sorted from the get-go, leaving you free to find your clients.
The second principle of my coaching system is finding and keeping clients. I want you to attract the right sort of clients who will value your expertise. These are clients you will look forward to treating, who will benefit from your skills and who will recommend you to their like-minded friends and family. Before long, you will have a busy appointment book and your reputation will spread. You will never again know the panic of an empty diary. I know my system for finding clients works because it is the method I used to build my own very successful and profitable therapy business.
A few of the secrets of finding and keeping clients are contained in one of my e-books which I will happily send to you, free of charge.
Just pop your email address in the box on this page and I will send you ‘The 3 mistakes that therapists make in their business by not using a recommendations system and ….how to fix them!’
This free e-book will give you a taste of my coaching methods which I guarantee will give you a healthy income and a happy work life balance.
If you have any questions about my coaching methods, please get in touch by sending me your email.
I will then send you an invitation to join my private therapists’ Facebook page and we can chat together about how I can help your therapy business flourish.

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,




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