Abundant Therapist: Ask me your questions

I want to tell you about my private Facebook group and how it enables therapists like you to ask questions about how to run a profitable clinic.

One of the key features of my online therapy coaching system is the ongoing relationships I build with hard-working therapists.

When therapists join my Therapy Business Accelerator program or my Fastrack coaching system, we begin a working relationship in which asking questions is key. I evaluate their clinic by asking what are their aims and goals, what are their challenges and what are their successes.

In turn the therapist asks me for guidance and advice. Together we Fastrack their clinic to profit. It is a rewarding experience.

Therapists who are members of my private Facebook group also get the chance to ask me questions. I love hearing about their clinics and the situations they face in their busy working lives.

The questions they ask are sometimes technical about my own speciality, physical therapy, or about the issues they are pondering in their own clinics.

That is the beauty of my online business coaching programs. I have developed them as a clinician to help other professional clinicians. I have little confidence in one-size fits all business coaching systems. We are professionals working with patients – some of whom are vulnerable – and we have to maintain the professional standards we trained so hard for.

Here’s an example of a recent question put to me on my private Facebook page. A therapist asked: “I am really struggling to find clients. I too am a physiotherapist who specialises in treating the elderly in their own home/care setting. I’ve tried targeting the care settings but getting no joy. I have also done a leaflet drop door-to-door. How would you target the older population or their families who often arrange and fund treatment?”

That is a question that only a business coach who knows what it is like to work with patients can answer. A business coach like me.

Pop your name in the box on this page and I will invite you to join my private Facebook group where you can find out my answer.

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,





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