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Recap Of What’s Included in This Fantastic Course

  • Seven weekly modules to help you accelerate your Therapy business step by step.
  • A closed and secret Facebook group only for Therapy Business Accelerator Members.
  • Weekly group coaching calls where you can ask me specific questions about your business.
  • Email support.

Included in the seven modules are:

Week 1

  • This gives you time to actually think about what you personally want from your therapy business.
  • You can decide what you really want from your business.
  • We then make a plan to set it up exactly how you want it.

Week 2

  • At the end of this module you will know all the best places to find your clients offline.
  • I’ll show you how to get the best out of a networking event.
  • How to make contact with other local therapists.
  • The importance of building a therapy network around you and to your clinic.

Week 3

  • We talk all about marketing online.
  • How to get the most out of social media without wasting hours.
  • The essential pages you need on your website.
  • How to automate your marketing online to save you time and money.

Week 4

  • You’ll learn how to then turn your prospects into paying clients.
  • The script that I use which is perfect to support your clients in a gentle and professional way.
  • How to close the sale so that everyone feels good about the experience.

Week 5

  • Once you have clients I’ll show you how to nurture your relationship with your clients.
  • How to ensure a long and happy working relationship.
  • Allowing you to look forward to work every single day as you’re working only with your favourite clients.

Week 6

  • I’ll show you all the systems that I use in my own clinic.
  • I’ll give you templates that run the backbone of my clinic.
  • You will be able to set up easy to work systems in your clinic so you can free yourself up some time.
  • You’ll become super organised so that your business can start to run some systems itself without you being there at all times.

Week 7

  • In this final module we’ll talk all about your mindset.
  • Finding out any blocks you may have to your own success.
  • How to become the best that you can be.
  • Being really proud of your success and how to really harness your skills and expertise.

Your Bonus Package

In addition to everything outlined above, you are also getting some excellent additional bonuses.

These bonuses really compliment the full course.

They allow you easy access to other techniques and marketing strategies that, while not compulsory, are excellent to know about and you might like to use at a later stage.

BONUS 1: Fill Your Practice System

This is the full Fill Your Practice System, which are the exact steps that I took to take my business from start up to full in 6 months.

It’s perfect if you are a start up to help you find clients for your therapy business. If however you already have clients but they are sporadic then, this will help you create a word of mouth system and help you to find new clients regularly.

Included in this Fill Your Practice System there is a workbook for you to complete it as you go through the system, allowing you to create your ultimate therapy business. There is an interview and therapist cheat sheet to get you started easily.

BONUS 2: Flash Call

This is my famous ‘Flash Call’, quick, simple and dynamic. It’s a quick call with me to check that you’re on track after the first module so you know exactly where you are heading and the exact steps that you need to take. I really care about your success, so this is a great way for us to have a check in call, so you can get the most out of this training and our work together.

BONUS 3: Private Facebook Group Only For Therapy Business Accelerator Members

This is a perfect way for you to ask questions to the group, and to me and help you drive your business on. Sometimes it is just something small that is holding you back and by knowing the answer you can move on and drive your business forward. I am in the group everyday and I’ll happily help you in any way I can. There is something very special when you get to know and work with other like-minded therapists. Magic happens in groups like this so it is great to be a part of it too.

Extra Bonus: Coaching Mastermind Live Event

Over two days I will walk you through how to run a full therapy clinic and how to scale up to make it even more profitable;
  • Attract all the clients that you need.
  • Nurture the clients that you have by building lasting relationships.
  • Grow your practice.
As I mentioned above, none of these bonuses are required for success – the main Therapy Business Accelerator is all you need, these bonuses just enhance the course and help you to achieve your goals.

But they are a superb addition as they give you access to a range of complimentary strategies and tactics that can help you now and in the future.


This is an extremely well rounded package, brimming with exciting training, templates and shortcuts. You can use the core Therapy Business Accelerator course on its own and leave the other elements until later or select and put to work any of the components you like.

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