Abundant Therapist: Be Part of the Community

As therapists, many of us work alone but we must always be on our guard against being out of touch and becoming isolated.
It is not good for our business and it is not good for our own health.
You know I am passionate about networking as it brings financial rewards.  But it can also help ease the burden when trying to juggle a busy work schedule with home life.
Working alone or running a small clinic means we have the autonomy to make our own decisions and that is very liberating. But having another person to share a problem with is vital.
These working relationships can become real friendships.
Therapists working near me have recently returned from a charity bike ride overseas. They were raising money for a cancer charity and their trip and their fundraising was a great rallying call for their clients and for their business.
If you have a small clinic, why not support a local charity, organise an open day and have a bake sale.
It will help raise your profile while raising money for a worthy cause. To succeed we need to be a vital part of our communities, so we need to get out there and show support.
Tell me how you have raised the profile of your business by assisting your community.
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