Abundant Therapist: Be the best version of yourself

How do you present yourself and your business? I don’t just mean within the four walls of your clinic but in life generally.

If you are embarking on a journey to become the go-to therapist in your area, you need to understand that you have to present the right image in your community.

We are professional therapists. People entrust us with their worries and health concerns. So you need to be your own best advertisement all of the time. Think of it this way. What would you think if you saw your hairdresser in the supermarket looking less than groomed? Or your children’s teacher yelling at his or her own children in a public place? Or how about a gardener whose own front lawn was full of weeds?

Now because we are all busy people we would probably cut them slack and realise they were having a bad day –  but the image sticks. And you don’t want to give anyone the opportunity to think less of you.

As therapists we need to remember that our persona is key to our success. We want our clients to have the utmost faith in our professionalism and dedication.  So you need to be smart in your appearance and professional in your dealings with everyone.

Sometimes it is not easy. You are at a social function and a potential client asks you for advice. You do not have the time to have an in-depth conversation. But rather than brushing them off, spend a couple of minutes listening, hand them a business card with your details, encourage them to book and reassure them that you can help.

That attitude is what I mean when I say it is all about cultivating your go-to persona. When my children were small I would go straight from my clinic to collect them from school. I would be wearing my branded uniform, which states my name and my specialty.

I looked smart, was outgoing and introduced myself to parents in the playground I didn’t know. It was an effortless marketing exercise. Parents who didn’t know me found out pretty quickly that I was a physiotherapist, working in the area. Many became clients and in turn recommended me to their friends and family.

How do others perceive you? Have a think about it. Are you always your own best advertisement?

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Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,



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