Abundant Therapist: Make a plan to beat post-holiday blues

Are you suffering from the post-holiday blues? It’s that time of year when summer is behind us and the winter awaits.

Are you one of those people who dreads the colder, darker months? For those of us who work on our own, the longer summer days give us more time to see friends and family after work. In the autumn and winter it often seems like the days consist of work…and more work and it is easy to get downhearted.

However, those therapists who work with me on my coaching programmes know I see every day as an opportunity and can find the good in every challenge! I have several strategies for getting back on track if your head is still filled with memories of sun-drenched lazy days.

First of all is to tackle your advance planning so you can look forward to your next holiday. You need to be confident that you can afford a fabulous time next summer, whether it is a trip away or a relaxing time enjoying your home.

You must plan your working life so you are earning enough money and scheduling enough down time to give yourself a reward. We all work best when we have something to look forward to, a goal to aim for.

My goal is to provide the best possible treatment I can for my wonderful clients while creating a happy home for my growing family. And earning a healthy income of course. What’s your goal?

My second tip is to embrace the new season and gear up for three busy months in the run-up to Christmas and the New Year holidays. It may be something as simple as buying yourself a new notebook to jot down your inspirational ideas whenever they strike.  Or you might want to refresh your clinic with a few new towels or upgrade your uniform. This is not a major makeover but a way of saying to yourself ‘here we go, it’s time to get back to work.’

A few simple changes can focus the mind and make you remember how much you love your work and also the rewards it can bring you.

Therapists who work with me on my Fastrack and on my Therapy Business Accelerator coaching programmes are finding out how to maximise their earning potential every day thanks to my tried and tested methods.

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Don’t get bogged down by the post-holiday blues. Join me on my therapy coaching programmes and you will never look back.






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