Abundant Therapist: Being part of a therapy network will make you more money

Are you part of a therapy network?

To be successful and make money you need to connect with other therapists working in all specialties.

Getting to know other therapists in your community is vital if you are to build a successful and profitable clinic.

You may work alone but your income will go up if you have a good working relationship with fellow independent therapists.

Not sure why you have to do this? Think of it this way. In a hospital, there are dozens of disciplines that work together to give the patient the best outcome. The same is true in the therapy community.

If you are a physiotherapist or physical therapist (PT) you may see a new client who you can treat well.

But what if you knew there was a therapist practising locally with a specific expertise that would benefit your client.

As long you know that therapist and are convinced of their expertise, why not refer your patient on.

What will happen is that trust will build up and that therapist will refer back to you if she gets a client who needs your specialty.

You are not giving away a client, you are building a referral relationship that will make you money.

You must form a good relationship with sports, fitness and massage therapists in your area.

As a PT, you may treat a patient and then recommend a fitness instructor who can devise a programme to keep your patient strong.

A client at a fitness class may need a PT. If you are part of the loop, your name will be the first the fitness instructor thinks of when a client asks ‘ hey, do you know any good physical therapists?’

Working within a loose network of like-minded therapists is good for business and good for your personal development. You may only meet up a few times a year but you can keep in touch via email and social media.

You may work alone but don’t shut yourself off. Make sure you link with other therapists in your area to build a therapy network.

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