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Abundant Therapist – Build a Network

Working alone can be lonely – even if you are doing the job you love.

It might surprise you that I recommend building a network with other therapists in your area. Yes. that’s right. I want you to view your competitors not as a threat, but as a wonderful asset.

It will help build your business and your confidence if you introduce yourself to these other therapists and build up a local therapy network.

When I started my therapy business I felt very isolated. I was trying to find clients and fill my diary on my own.

This is the point when many talented therapists give up. They are overwhelmed and despondent and have no one to talk to. I do not want that to happen to you.

There are some really good structured networking groups across the globe. These groups are able to bring amazing connectivity to their members.

I have been a member of such groups over the years but found that, because being a therapist is such an individual business, often they were not quite right for me. The advice they offer is sometimes a bit harsh for our work, where our customers can be vulnerable or in pain.

That’s why I set up The Abundant Therapist to guide, support and advise therapists on the business techniques that I know work.

My online networking group exists for therapists to share the joy and challenges of their work. It also builds physical collaborations between therapists who may live in the same region but who offer slightly different specialties and virtual collaborations between therapists all over the world.

As therapists we have so much to give but we are better if we share our knowledge and expertise. You will still be running your own business – but you will not be working alone.

Since I have built up my network, my business has gone from strength to strength. Try joining a business network near you to find if there are any like-minded therapists or you could join me online at The Abundant Therapist.

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Until the next time.

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