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Abundant Therapist – Business Development Days

I really love running my own business and being my own boss.

It gives me freedom to plan my week as I wish and I believe my business development days are very important to the success of my practice.

Do you spend time developing your business? Let me explain how I do it.

For four days a week I treat clients and deal with the administration of my clinic. But every week I give myself one day off so I can think differently about my business.

I call it my business development day and it is every Friday.

I never treat patients on Fridays. That day is for meeting other therapists or networking with other business owners.

If I do not have a meeting in the diary, I simply take myself off to a coffee shop for a couple of hours with a notebook to work on what I need to change, make better, develop or continue to do in my business.

I find having a day without clients and without admin makes me more productive. My system means that when I am treating clients I do not think about anything else apart from their needs. 

Similarly, on my admin days, that is what I do, whether it is book-keeping, writing letters to consultants or doctors or making contact with other therapists to set up networking meetings. 

Why don’t you have a look at your diary and see if you can clear a whole or half a day to work on your business – not in your business.

You may be surprised at the ideas you come up with when you sit down with a coffee at a time you have set aside just for business development.

I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Please leave a comment below or go to the Facebook page.

Until the next time.

Abundantly  yours,


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