Where has the time gone? I’ve been so busy running my own therapy business that I’ve not had a chance to speak to you recently, sorry!

Girls coffee

But now I’m back and I’m ready for a catch-up.

It’s summer here in the UK and the weather as usual is variable, from a glorious sunny day to bucketloads of rain like we’ve had today.

I’ve been working on producing my first online product which I hope to have ready soon called
“Fill Your Practice with lovely Recommendations and Referrals”.

It’s a book showing you step-by-step exactly how I have run my full Physiotherapy clinic for the past 10 years. It has a corresponding workbook which you can fill in as you work through the chapters, personalising it for your own business.

It’s been great fun creating it and it shows you how to fill your own practice by not spending any money on advertising, but rather spending the time creating good relationships with your clients and other therapists.

So I hope that it will be ready soon but in the meantime please make sure that you’ve downloaded my free ebook ‘The 7 secrets that every therapist or healer should know about running a thriving practice’. Look at the products section for your free download.

​I better get back to it so it can be ready for you.

I’ll let you know how I’m getting on.

Until the next time,

Abundantly yours,


​PS Come and say hello on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JayneWellsBusinessCoach

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7 Secrets that every therapist or healer should know about running a thriving practice

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