Abundant Therapist: Calling all Start-up Sallys!

I have already introduced you to my three ‘virtual therapists’ but today I want to talk to you in more detail about these models for my targeted coaching system.
Start-up Sally, Prosperous Penny and Entrepreneur Ellen are the three therapists I envisage when I am planning my business coaching.
All three are at different stages of their work life but all dream of a successful, fulfilling career with an income to be proud of and a happy, healthy home life.
I have based all three of my virtual or imagined therapists on the experiences of the real-life therapists I meet during my group and individual coaching programmes.
Today I want to tell you more about Start-up Sally – or Start-up Simon if you are a male therapist.
The reason I came up with these avatar therapists is that many of us work alone and find it hard to imagine there are others facing similar challenges.
But, believe me, you are not alone. If you are taking the first steps to launch your own business, you are part of an army of Start-up Sallys.
The Start-up Sallys I meet are physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, reflexologists, massage therapists and complementary therapists.
They are highly skilled and dedicated to their specialty and many have practised for a good while, working as an employee in a clinic.
Does this sound like you?
You will know if you are a Start-up Sally if have made the decision to branch out on your own. You desired the flexibility and autonomy of being your own boss. You hoped it would bring financial rewards but are now scared of the challenges that lie ahead.
The problem is the telephone is just not ringing. Your appointment book has more blank space than bookings and you do not know where to find more clients. You feel you may have made a mistake in becoming your own boss. Your family, once so supportive, is also getting restless as they see you overcome by worries. You have too much stress, not enough clients or income and fear you may have to give up on your dream.
This is where I come in. You are fully trained as a therapist but how much do you know about running a business? Not a lot at this stage, I guess.
I can help you move seamlessly from being an employee to being your own boss.
You are wary of spending on coaching when money is tight.  Believe me, a few business coaching sessions will save – not cost – you money.
I can steer you away from expensive mistakes in launching your business and demonstrate tried and tested systems for finding clients, running an efficient diary and booking system, promoting yourself as the ‘go-to’ therapist in your area while creating a work life balance and bringing in a good income.
And because I am a therapist as well as a businesswoman, I know what I am talking about. I am not going to advocate pushy, marketing methods that will alienate your clients. I want you to set up systems that will allow you to focus on your skills rather than waste time becoming a saleswoman for your business. Follow my methods and the clients will find you.
I call myself The Abundant Therapist because my methods of working have revealed that there is an abundance of clients looking for excellent therapists. I can testify that there is also an abundant income waiting for you if you get your business plan right from the start.
Over the next few weeks I shall be returning to Start-Up Sally’s challenges as she juggles career and family, explaining some of the dilemmas I faced when I was in this situation myself.
I want to use my experiences to help you become the best therapist that you can.
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Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,

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