Abundant Therapist: How I can help Entrepreneur Ellen expand her empire

One of the most important lessons in business is to remember that you are never too old to learn new ways.
Some of the most remarkable business transformations I have been a part of have involved established, busy clinics.
Sometimes, therapists who have been operating for many years need to stand back and let someone else take an overview of their enterprise.
Many of these therapists fall into the category that I label Entrepreneur Ellen or Ethan.
These are my avatars or virtual therapists at the top of their game. They have launched and run successful clinics for many years, they employ office staff and fellow therapists and have a desirable income.
An entrepreneur Ellen or Ethan may have already taken the decision to step back from hands-on therapy treatments so they can devote a day or two a week to administration.
However, they are still at the heart of the business. They may take more time off than Prosperous Penny but are always on the end of the phone when there is a problem in the clinic.
Ways of working have evolved over time and so are not fit for purpose anymore. Booking systems and the clinic’s website may be outdated and inefficient.
The Entrepreneur Ellens and Ethans I help are aware that their clinic has to run efficiently without their constant involvement. They need to have confidence in their staff to operate professionally when they, the owner, are not at work.
All therapists need to be fully booked, not just them. Administrative staff must have the authority and confidence to order supplies, deal with queries and send out invoices.
A transformation like this is challenging for the clinic owner and must be diarised, planned and implemented rigorously. It is not a venture that can be undertaken alone.
Are you an Ellen or an Ethan?
Do you need my expert help to cast off old ways and embrace modern, time and cost-efficient ways of working?
It may mean deploying staff in different ways, using social media to reach a completely new audience, bringing in new booking systems and perhaps changing your working hours to meet the demands of your new clients.
The interventions I cover with my Entrepreneur Ellen and Ethan clients mean that I look at their operations forensically. We may work together for many months to steer the clinic onto the right course for the future.
Any clinic owner worth their salt will ask themselves ‘can I afford a business coach?’
I answer that you cannot afford just any business coach, but you can afford me. I will make you money, not cost you money as I offer not generic advice, but tailored tips and techniques that I use in my own successful therapy business.
If you would like to talk to me about the coaching service I offer to clinic owners, then please go to the link ‘book a strategy call’ and we can book in a time to have a chat.
In this way, we can have a full and frank discussion about how we can turn your business around.
I look forward to working with you.

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,


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