Abundant Therapist: How I can help Prosperous Penny.

There is nothing more thrilling in business then seeing your client list and your reputation grow.
Becoming the ‘go-to’ therapist is something we dream about when we decide to set up our own therapy clinics.
The therapist in this situation is the one I call Prosperous Penny – or Paul.
Welcome to my second avatar – the imaginary therapist I use when I am compiling my business coaching systems for those who have worked extremely hard on their own to launch and run a busy, well-known practice.
They are at the next stage from Start-up Sally, the therapist at the start of her enterprise.
Prosperous Penny or Paul are certainly prospering – but sometimes they ask themselves ‘at what cost’.
Penny and Paul are the poster girls and guys for hard work, long hours, self-reliance, multi-tasking and micro-managing and quite frankly, it has exhausted them.
The therapists I meet at this stage of their careers have done it all themselves. But unfortunately, because they have learned as they have gone along, it has sometimes been a bumpy road.
They love their job, but the work life balance has been off-kilter for years. Their children are growing up but still need looking after and they have no time for a social life as they are involved at every stage of the business.
Not only do they deliver expert therapy to their clients, they also sort out the computer system when it crashes, they deal with invoicing and banking, they handle everything to do with the business premises from utility bills to ordering supplies and often they are mopping the floor after the last client has gone home.
In short, it is a successful solo enterprise but it is creaking at the seams because no one therapist can do it all themselves.
Prosperous Penny and Prosperous Paul know they could take on more clients and bring in more income but there are not enough hours in the day.
They have reached the stage where they realise they need help with administration. They need to hire a receptionist or office manager and perhaps even another therapist to cope with the growing demand for treatments.
Prosperous Penny and Paul are confident, ambitious and rightly proud of their achievements. They also know that, to reach the next stage, they need expert help.
Does this sound like you? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If done correctly, this will mean you can increase your income while cutting back on the hours you spend at work.
Therapists in this situation need a business coach who can provide advice expertly tailored to their needs.
I have helped many a Prosperous Penny and Paul grow their therapy clinics. I have watched as, with my guidance, they have hired staff and introduced systems and automation that have improved the efficiency and profitability of their businesses.
In September, I am launching a new coaching system to help therapists like you. At its heart is a strategy call plan which means I will be on the end of the phone, offering you targeted answers to specific problems. Working together, it will be smooth sailing.
I suggest that we have a chat, so click on the ‘book a strategy call’ link to see how best we can work together.
Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,



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