Abundant Therapist: Can you afford to take a holiday?

Can you afford to take a break? That’s an important question all self-employed therapists need to ask themselves.

When we work for someone else, holidays are paid. But when you work for yourself, you need to factor in downtime. And you need to work out how you are going to afford it.

This week is half term in the UK, a chance to take a break while the children are off school. That’s exactly what I am doing.

One of the key elements of my business coaching programme is factoring in downtime. My business model is all about making your specialty work for you and your family.

As therapist we love treating our patients, but the work can be very demanding. It is vital we plan in rest time but many therapists, particularly those just starting out, are scared to take time off. They are also hesitant about charging what they are worth.

Remember, you cannot sell yourself short. You have trained long and hard to gain your qualification in your specialty and you need to be rewarded fairly for your expertise.

But often when we set out on our own, we charge less and skip holidays.

My coaching programmes will show how you how to plan your year so you can afford to take a holiday.

It is about structuring your fees and your working day so you are bringing in enough money to fund your downtime.

If you are struggling to afford a break, get in touch and I will help you restructure your business. My methods will help you find more patients, set your fees at the correct rate and factor in holiday time.

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