Abundant Therapist: Cherish your relationship with your patients

It has been a sad time as a wonderful, long-standing patient died suddenly.

His death was a huge shock which has led me to reflect on how I run my business.

It has reminded me of what I love about being a physiotherapist and that is my relationships with my patients.

So today I am not going to share with you my usual Abundant Therapy advice for building and growing your therapy clinic to maximise profits. Instead, I would like us to spend a few minutes re-focusing on the people at the heart of our business, our patients.

My patient had been visiting me for 10 years. We had built up a rapport.

I know my physiotherapy skills enabled him to continue playing golf.

I kept his body pain-free to the best of my ability but his monthly maintenance appointments were about more than that. We chatted and he told me he looked forward to his visits – as I did.

As therapists, our work really is about treating body and soul. I think it is important to remember that whenever we see a patient.

Kindness and empathy are so important in our work. Many of us have had experiences at hospitals or clinics where we have not been treated with kindness, dignity or respect.

We must make sure that our patients’ needs are always at the heart of our business. Without that core dedication to helping others, our therapy businesses will not succeed.

So my message today is to respect and value all your patients. Listen to their stories, try to help with their concerns and also share their joy.

Building a connection with patients is what enables us to grow as therapists.

I shall miss my patient and always remember our little chats as we worked together to get him ready for his next round of golf.


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