Abundant Therapist: Praise from your patients is the best recommendation

Client testimonials – what are they? Do you use praise from your patients to grow your own therapy business and bring in more money?

When a patient says something good about your clinic and the treatment they have had, well, that’s a great ego boost for you. Next time they tell you something good, ask if you can use their words in your marketing.

Have a think about how often you see a testimonial. They are on every online retailer’s website, whether they sell fashion or food. How often do you book a holiday, a restaurant or a hotel without consulting online reviews?

Client testimonials or reviews will enliven your message whether you are a physiotherapist like me or a sports or massage therapist, a fitness trainer or a health or beauty therapist.

Testimonials are real opinions from real clients and need to be a vital part of your online presence.

The messages from your patients need to be easy to relate to with a few details of their story but must not breach confidentiality. After all, the trust between us as therapists and our clients is paramount.

Ask your patient if you can use their first name, some clients are happy for you to use their full name. Then get them to describe in loose terms their issue and how your service has helped them.

Prospective patients will read these testimonials and relate to them. Then they will book with you.

If ‘Sue Smith’ writes their lower back pain has been resolved, other potential clients with a similar issue will be encouraged to make an appointment.

Extreme sports fans will know you are the therapist to go to if “Matt, keen mountain-biker, skiier and snowboarder’ was helped by your expertise.

The next time your client praises you, ask if they would mind filling in a testimonial form at the end of the appointment. Keep it short but get them to add some detail.

Rather than “Jayne eased my back pain”, ask for a few specifics. For example “Jayne treated my lower back pain, gave me a series of easy-to-achieve home exercises and got me back on the golf course in just a few weeks.”

That’s the kind of message that will resonant with prospective clients and get them booking with you. Get those messages onto your website and your Facebook page. Refer to them on social media.

So have a think about which of your patients you could approach for a testimonial.

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