Abundant Therapist – Cluster your appointments

When I first opened my clinic, I tried to fit in new patients as soon as I could after their initial telephone call or email.
I would offer them an appointment on any day of the week and at a time to suit them – even if it was not convenient for me. I always tried to be as flexible as I could.
Of course, I am always keen to accomodate my clients and want to see them as soon as possible but I found I was at their beck and call.
It was my business but I was not in control of my diary and it was having a big impact on my life.
I then decided to cluster all my appointments into one or two blocks in the week. I told clients when I was available rather than fitting in with their schedule.
When you start doing this it does feel strange because you are not giving patients as much choice as they had previously.
But if you are very clear when you available, your clients will fit their diaries around you and not the other way around.
All of a sudden, you are in control and you will find you are seeing the same amount of clients.
By doing this I freed up so much of my time to work on the development of my business.
Have a look at your diary and see if you can be more productive.
This might mean booking more back-to-back appointments for example.
It is your business and you can decide how you run it.

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,



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