Abundant Therapist – Don’t Discount

Discounts – now I don’t agree with discounts. I never discount any of my clients but I do offer incentives and sometimes I offer a voucher.

This means that although I do not discount my treatments, I may reduce the price if someone pre-books five sessions. This is an incentive method used by many therapists.

I believe this is acceptable for therapists because you are filling your diary. What I do not do is put in a discount if a friend comes to my clinic for treatment.

I think it devalues your service and what you are there to offer.

If you have been offering discounts to friends, have a think about it. Perhaps it is time to re-think your fees?

You may believe you are doing someone a favour, but they may not actually value what you are offering as much. Remember, you are giving them a treatment as a professional, not as a friend.

So, I do not discount but that is my personal opinion and, of course, you may find it works perfectly well in your business.

I have found that if I do not discount, my clients respect my time and professionalism much more.

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