Abundant Therapist:Don’t worry! You will find enough patients

Finding  new patients – that’s a constant worry for new therapy business owners.

I remember being concerned about finding patients when I was setting up my physiotherapy clinic but it didn’t stop me.

But I know it stops other highly-qualified therapists from opening up their own business.

Does this sound like you?

You are desperate to be your own boss but cannot deal with the worry of an empty appointment book.

But I can assure you that you must not let that concern hold you back.

Why not? Because patients are out there looking for professional, reliable and friendly therapists.

If you are confident in your own skills, if you know you are a first-class therapist, you deserve to succeed.

And you will succeed if you prepare properly.

I do not believe in spending money on expensive advertising. It rarely works.

What you need to do is to identify your location and your niche patient. Then you need to start networking to get your name known. And you must set up systems to enable the business side of your clinic to operate faultlessly.

Sounds difficult doesn’t it? Well it is not difficult if you have someone to guide you.

When I started my therapy clinic I sought expert help from established clinicians. I believe the training I bought was the key to launching my own business.

Over the years I have honed and modified that business advice to develop my own training programme. It is targeted at medical therapists as well as complementary therapists.

We are privileged to work in a field where we can help people. We are not selling cars or insurance. We are treating patients and our business model needs to reflect this.

My Abundant Therapy coaching system is not an ‘off the shelf’ training system that can be applied to any job. It is for professional therapists like us.

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Take that first step to reduce the worry!



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