Abundant Therapist: My three steps to earning more and working less

We all want to work less and earn more. Right?

I am a successful physiotherapist and clinic owner and I also am a wife, mother and a friend.

I make a very good living and I enjoy my work and family. But trust me, all this did not happen overnight.

Being successful at home and in business takes hard work.

But that work can be fun if you know it will make you happy, wealthy and wise.

How I achieved my success was to develop my business and then fine-tune it. And to this day I am still fine-tuning, making improvements and always casting a critical eye over my operation to make sure it is the best it can be.

I created my Abundant Therapist coaching strategy to show other therapists how they, too, can be happy, wealthy and wise.

My methods rely on three principles which are tried and tested. My three principles will show you how to find and attract more patients, how to retain these patients and how to charge fees that really reflect your training and your expertise.

Over the years running my own profitable and prestigious clinic, I have heard stories from patients about other therapy clinics they have used.

And, frankly, some of the stories have to be heard to be believed.

You need to take a hard look at your own business and analyse if you are offering that extra special experience to your patients.

But therapists often can’t step back and take an impartial view of their business.

This is where I will help you.

My three-stage coaching system has been designed to help therapists like you earn more than they ever imagined.

Pop your email address in the box on this page and I will send you an invitation to join my private Facebook page so we can chat about how my three-step plan will boost your income.

It is time for you to change the way you do business to maximise your earnings. Let me show you the way.


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