Abundant Therapist: Enjoy a holiday treatment

You may be looking forward to your summer break – whether you are heading for a far-flung exotic destination or just enjoying a few days at home.

You will be looking forward to a bit of me-time but how about incorporating a bit of business research into your relaxation?

Wherever I am in the world, I take note of therapy clinics, whether they are luxurious spas in lovely hotels or small clinics in towns I drive through.

I don’t always have a treatment when I am away but when I do, the experience is invaluable. As well as enjoying the treat, is it great to see how another therapist operates and to pick up a few tips.

Did you enjoy the atmosphere, did you have confidence in the therapist, were the reception staff welcoming? How was the room?

Unfortunately, not all therapy businesses operate the way we would like but do not despair if you have a bad treatment. Chalk it up as an important learning experience.

Straight after you have had your treatment, jot down a few notes about what was great and what could have been better. Most importantly, spend just a few minutes comparing your therapy business with what you have just experienced. Then take a photograph of the outside of the clinic or spa on your phone and email it to yourself.

By doing this, your memory will be jogged when you get home. Then you can have a think about whether you are giving your clients exactly what you would like to experience in a therapy session.

We all want to best the best we can and keeping up with the competition is a great way to refresh our businesses.

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