Fill Your Practice System

This is the complete ‘Fill Your Practice’ system which took me from having no clients to being fully booked in just six months. I had moved into a new area and I didn’t know anyone. I had two sons, the oldest was aged two and my youngest just 10 weeks old. I knew that whatever I did, it had to work around them. I had two Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) clinics within a mile of my practice and I worked out a way to fill mine by building up a unique word of mouth system. I have never had to spend money on expensive advertising and I work with lovely clients every day. I have been attracting 1 or 2 new clients every week to my clinic for the past 10 years. To date, I have over 700 clients on my books from word of mouth recommendations.

Fill Your Practice System – Gold Edition

This is my ‘Fill Your Practice with lovely Recommendations and Referrals’ system, as a pdf download.

I walk you through step-by-step exactly what I have done in my Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) business, filling my practice from no clients to full in less than six months, and you can do the same! I show you what has worked for me in building a referral based business so that I can spend my time doing what I love which is working with clients and not spending extra time or money on expensive advertising that doesn’t work.

Each section is easy to follow and I’ve totally loved writing it. I do hope that you enjoy it and if you follow my advice, clients will be looking for you instead of you trying to find them. It includes how I ask for referrals and the exact words I use when I am working with clients or fellow practitioners. So for the cost of just one client, I can show you how to find many, many more with this system.

This is a pdf download for you to read through straight away and start implementing into your business, but if you are serious about creating a busy and successful business then you will need the full system below.

The Complete Fill Your Practice System – Diamond Edition

This is the complete ‘Fill Your Practice’ system (FYP) as a pdf and MP3 audio download of the unabridged FYP system, FYP workbook, Interview and transcript about ‘how I use this system my everyday life’ by Neil Stafford and a therapist cheat sheet.

I have created a comprehensive ‘workbook’ which you fill in as you work through the system. You can relate all the ideas, tips and strategies to your own clinic to make it specific to your business. You can then refer back to it, to build the exact business of your dreams, whilst helping as many people as you wish.

This is your own business in a book, you can be as creative and dream as big as you like. This is tailor-made for you to complete and to help you create your ideal business. Included in this package is a therapist sheet for you to complete. There is also an interview of me by Neil Stafford (publisher) about the system and a transcription of the interview to add notes to. It is a thorough step-by-step system which I use in my own busy clinic. Anyone can follow it is easy and fun!

For the cost of just two clients, you could attract clients to you with this system. Think of what that would mean to you and your business.

I am really looking forward to working with you and hearing all about your success. Abundantly yours,

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