Abundant Therapist: Find niche clients with my Therapy Business Accelerator

On a recent online chat with a therapist, we discussed the challenges of finding niche clients.

She wanted help to target elderly clients who would best benefit from her expertise.

Her question to me demonstrates why we, as physiotherapists or physical therapists, need to seek out specialist marketing and business training.

I am able to help therapists grow their own clinics and maximise their incomes because I understand our field.

I know how to find niche clients because, as a physiotherapist specialising in sports injuries, I have developed my own highly-regarded and successful clinic.

My Therapy Business Accelerator course was designed by me – a physiotherapist who has worked in hospital and in private practice – to help fellow professionals understand and overcome the challenges of running their own business.

Spend a few minutes searching Google for business advice and you will be swamped with marketing experts telling you how to become a millionaire overnight.

But that advice will not cut it with us physical therapists.

Professionals like us need coaching and advice geared towards our specialty.

We are highly-trained therapists and our business methods must be caring, ethical and put the patient first.

Yes, we want to make lots of money and enjoy a healthy work life balance but we must never lose sight of our professional goal of putting our patients first.

My Therapy Business Accelerator program gives professionals like you targeted advice geared to make your physiotherapy clinic prosper.

Get in touch by putting your name and email in the box on this page and I will send you an invitation to join my private Facebook page.

There we can talk more about the Therapy Business Accelerator program and how it will make money for your clinic.

I will also send you my free e-book which shows you how you can grow your client base through referrals and recommendations.

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,


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