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Abundant Therapist – Finding Your First Client

I am often asked by therapists just starting out in practice how to find that very first client?

You are already qualified, you have a dedicated room in your house, it is beautifully decorated and you are raring to go but how do you find that first client?

You are full of enthusiasm but slightly worried about how to fill your diary.

I was once in your position. I set up my own clinic in a new area and had to start from scratch.

The steps I took from start-up to success took just a few months. But I planned every step of the way – I knew where I wanted to go and never deviated.

If you are a therapist starting up a clinic in your own home, have a think about your friends and family who might be interested. They can come themselves or buy a treatment as a gift for a loved one.

They might not even know that you are just about to open your own clinic so it is always a really good start to tell friends and family.

Do not be shy.

You start treating a few of those and before you know it you get a few recommendations and the ball starts to roll.

So your tip for today is to have a look around at who you know, make a list of friends and family who might be interested in your treatments and contact them.

With my help, you will soon be on your way to a full appointment diary!

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,



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