Abundant Therapist: Follow-ups

Follow-ups, that’s our topic for today.

What do I mean by that? I mean what system do you have in place when someone contacts you?

You have a prospective client who rings you up and leaves a message on your answerphone or sends an email. What is your procedure for following up with that client? Do you try and get in contact within 24 or 48 hours or do you try to get back to them within one week?

What is your follow-up sequence? Do you have a procedure that you stick to so people know what to expect from you?

In my business if somebody gives me a call I call them back that day, obviously only if I can. On my answerphone I have a message saying I will contact them as soon as I can.

I definitely call them back within 24 hours or return their email as soon as I get it. That way I try and offer them their first appointment within 48 hours, so I aim to see that client within two to three days from their first contact.

Obviously that doesn’t work with everyone but I try to fit them in to my diary within those first few days so in that way they are already established, I am already building a relationship with them.

I am establishing my reputation with them from the first point of contact. They realise I am professional, prompt and reliable and, of course, I am interested in them as a client. This is the reputation you need to build up to make yourself the go-to therapist in your area.

Once you have seen your new patient, their next treatment can then be in a week or two, whatever they need.

Have a think about your follow-up sequence. What do you do when somebody gives you a call?

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