Abundant Therapist: Half-yearly planning

We are now almost halfway through 2018 – it’s hard to believe I know!

This is an ideal point in the year to take stock and work out if you are on track in your business and in your work/life balance.

Forward planning is my mantra.  Planning my diary for the New Year is a task I enjoy every December and a recipe for success about which I am passionate.

However, if you have spent the first half of the year in diary disarray, June is a great time to get a grip on the rest of the year.

You can read back over my blogs and implement some of my hint and tips. But the best way to make the rest of 2018 more profitable is to sign up to my Therapy Business Accelerator (TBA) programme.

I will show you how to build your business so you earn more money while enjoying plenty of down time with your family and friends.

Forward planning is a vital part of making more money while giving you the freedom to enjoy your life. You cannot run a profitable business if you are not planning ahead.  This is one of the key systems I teach on my TBA programme.

Therapists who have joined TBA are discovering how my ‘three pillars to success’ method is turning around their therapy business. I am showing them how to become the go-to therapist in their community, how to find and keep clients and how to set up systems that keep their business running smoothly.

To get a taste of my tried and tested methods to make you more money pop your email address in the box and I will send you ‘The 3 mistakes that therapists make in their business by not using a recommendations system and ….how to fix them!

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Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,


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