Fill Your Practice with lovely Recommendations and Referrals.

When I injured my back 15 years ago in a skiing accident I didn’t realise how it would change my life. I was in excruciating pain, I had never felt pain like it before or since, even having my two children.

I went to different therapists trying to get rid of the pain. I saw a Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Homeopath and Holistic Therapist, during the year I was off work.

What I noticed was that they all did some things well but sometimes there was room for improvement in how their clinic was set up, how  their leaflets were written or how they dealt with customers.

When I then set up my own clinic 10 years ago I copied all the things that I thought they did well and recreated them in my clinic.

Within six months my clinic was full and it has been ever since.

That is what started me on my quest to help other therapists and I developed my ‘Fill Your Practice’ system.

I launched it on Kickstarter last week and it is getting a lot of interest.

It will run for a further 14 days so you just need to click on the link below for more details.

As you know I want to help as many therapists that I can, so I want to offer you a buy one, gift one reward.

Once you buy one yourself, you can gift a second copy to a therapist of your choice with my compliments.

I would love to know what you think.

Until the next time,

Abundantly yours,


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