Abundant Therapist:How micro-scheduling can work for you

I was interested to read over the weekend how high achievers are increasing adopting ‘micro-scheduling.’

High-worth entrepreneurs are apparently dividing their day into 10 minute slots to maximise productivity and minimise time wastage.

I smiled as I read this as a version of micro-scheduling has always been at the very heart of my Abundant Therapist business coaching programmes.

Smart scheduling is a tool I have employed to grow profits for many years.

While few of us will want to carve both our private and professional lives up into 10 minute slots, time management is key to running a successful and profitable therapy business.

One of the joys of being your own boss is the ability to set your own hours. My Abundant Therapist programme is all about identifying when and how you should be working to bring in the most money.

Think about your patients. When are they at work? If you run a physiotherapy clinic like me specialising in sports injuries it makes sense to offer evening appointments on a few days of the week.

These appointments will be sought after and are always booked up early.

I have noticed hair and beauty salons near me are opening on a Sunday. Few people can afford to take time off to have their hair done in the week and these salons must have been full on Saturdays. The solution – open on a Sunday.

My version of micro-scheduling isn’t about working for more days during the week however. It’s about using your diary well to pack as much income-generating activity into the day as possible.

If you would like to find out more about my coaching methods and how easy it could be to increase profits at your therapy clinic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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