Abundant Therapist: How one extra patient a week can earn you thousands

As therapists we all work hard, but have you considered how treating just one more patient a week could earn you thousands over a year?

A key part of my successful coaching method at Abundant Therapist is time management and diary planning. Why? Because therapists who train with me find out how they can maximise their earnings by working smart.

That means using all the hours in the working day to make money. First, ask yourself a couple of questions. Do your appointments run to time? Are you seeing as many patients as you could in a working day? Or are you bogged down with administration when you could be seeing patients and making money?

Here’s some numbers that may surprise you. In the UK a physiotherapy appointment costs between £40 and £60 a session. Let’s take an average of £50 and see what happens to your bottom line if you treat one more patient a week, for 48 weeks a year. That’s an additional £2,400 a year. Over five years, it is an impressive £12,000.

Let’s do the same calculation for all you physical therapists in the United States. Let’s say an average appointment is $150. By treating just one more patient a week you would make an additional $600 every four weeks or an extra $7,200 a year.

Over five years, it adds up to $36,000. Increase your workload and see two extra patients a week and you will pull in a huge $72,000 over five years.

Think what that extra money could mean for your business and your lifestyle.

With just a few changes to the way you run your therapy business that money could be yours.

My Abundant Therapy coaching system shows therapists like you how to find and keep clients. My systems coaching methods will show you how to run a streamlined, automated, professional clinic to give you the flexibility to treat as many clients as you wish while enjoying a healthy, happy work life balance.

When you’re ready to find out how to make more money from just a couple of extra patients a week, get in touch by  joining my private Facebook page or click on the link below.

With one call you could make 2019 your most profitable year yet.

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