A few weeks ago I met the lovely Heather Stanning who won the first Olympic gold medal for GB in the 2012 Olympics with her partner Helen Glover in the coxless rowing pairs. They were also the first ladies to ever win a gold medal in this race which was amazing.

Jayne Wells Holding Olympic gold

She gave a really inspirational after dinner speech about how, against adversity, she was able to succeed to this level of expertise.
But what really hit home to me was that along her path she has come across a lot of obstacles – the main one being that she is currently a Captain in the British Army.
Heather talked about how she has been given special dispensation from the Army to pursue her Olympic dream and how the other officers have volunteered to do extra duties so that she can train.
She was really humbled by the fact that everyone had helped her so much along the way and how appreciative she is to everyone who has made her dream come true. A really lovely lady.
After dinner she kindly let us have a look and hold her medals. The Olympic gold medal is so heavy with a beautiful silk ribbon. A really rare treat to see, let alone, hold.
The reason I’m telling you this is that if you want to become successful in anything that you choose to do you need help, whether it is personal or in business.
You might need admin support or help with your children whilst you work but there is always a way!
I’ve been lucky enough to build an amazing support system around me whilst I work. I have a babysitter to put my boys to bed so I can offer evening appointments. I have a fabulous PA who helps with running the business and I have help looking after the house.
The message here is that ‘You can’t do it all by yourself’.
Ask for help or think about ways that you could outsource some things so that you can concentrate on building your own successful business.
My new product about building a ‘Referral Based Therapy Business’ is nearly ready. I’m so thrilled with it and I can’t wait for you to see it.
Until the next time,
Abundantly yours


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