Introducing the Abundant Therapist Academy.

I’ve been so excited to share this news with you as I have created and founded this new Academy with you in mind.

I wanted to establish a safe place for therapists from all types of professions. A place where you can meet other therapists and build your businesses together in a nurturing environment. When I first opened my clinic over a decade ago I felt so alone and didn’t know who to ask for help.

I stumbled around for a while, placing expensive ads in local publications and finding it hard to find enough clients to sustain a profitable business. It was then that I decided to learn all I could about attracting clients to my clinic whilst building my local reputation and client satisfaction.

I found that a lot of the ‘marketing’ courses were just too pushy for our various therapy professions and so I look ideas from different courses (I’ve lost count of how many I’ve attended) and adapted them to the therapy world. It has been such fun developing my own successful systems and my clinic has been full ever since.

As a member of the Academy there will be monthly training videos as well as targeted worksheets to complement the training. You will be invited to join the secret and private Facebook group where you can safely work alongside other therapists, ask questions and share your successes. This will be a safe and encouraging environment which I hope you will enjoy.

Together with the Fill Your Practice system, there is a special launch fee of £14.95 a month, with the first month being free to see if it’s right for you. This will go up to £19.95 after the launch.

I really hope that you will enjoy reading the following page for more information.


Until the next time,

Abundantly yours




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