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One of the things I love about running my business coaching program is that I get the chance to talk directly to therapists.

Even though many of my clients live far from me, the internet means we can build up a really strong working relationship.

When I was training as a physiotherapist and later when I started work in a hospital, I benefited from the help and guidance of more senior practitioners whose advice was invaluable in growing my skill set.

However, when I started up my own business I really felt I was on my own.  This was back in the day before on-line business communities existed. So to get the training I needed I flew many times from my home in the UK to the US to learn from business experts.

Fast forward to 2018 and no therapist looking to start up a clinic needs to fly across the Atlantic to find out how to run a busy, profitable clinic.

I am here to answer questions and to guide and advise therapists wherever they are in the world. One of the many fulfilling parts of my job is hearing the challenges therapists like you face and coming up with answers.

My private Facebook group for therapists is a safe space where practitioners can put questions to me and to other therapists.  By sharing we build confidence and grow our businesses.

Here’s an example of a recent question put to me. A therapist asked: “I would love to know what you thought about patients who return for maintenance treatment after recovering from an acute injury. Many patients choose to incorporate regular treatment into their lives but I sometimes question if this is clinically justifiable.”

The best way I know to answer questions is to have a conversation. I have recorded my reply to that question and posted it as a video on my private Facebook page.

Why don’t you join our conversation about how to become an even better and more profitable therapist.

Send me your email address and I will invite you into our private Facebook group where you can see my reply and join our community.

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,





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