Abundant Therapist: How to juggle work and home life

The juggling just got that bit harder, didn’t it? With children back at school after the long summer break, therapists with families – like me – need to be super-organised to run our careers alongside our home lives.
Simple strategies make all the difference to how smoothly your therapy business runs during term time, whether you are a physiotherapist like me, an aromatherapist, acupuncturist, a reflexologist or a nutritionist.
My mantra is forward planning. You can never be too-organised.
To make a success of your therapy business without jeopardising the precious time you spend with your families, you have to think and plan ahead.
Using your time wisely will reap financial and personal rewards. We cannot split ourselves in two, but we can divide our time between periods of total dedication to our clients and down time to spend on our families…and on ourselves.
My strategies for organising a profitable and healthy business apply whether you are a Start-up Sally, a Prospering Penny or an Entrepreneur Ellen.
At all stages of your career you will have to make decisions that affect your personal life. Some of these come out of the blue and cannot be predicted. But you can head off and solve challenges with very careful forward planning.
As the children settle back into the new school year, it is vital that you look ahead to next summer when you will be hoping to take a few weeks’ break from your business.
Schedule time for your clients, time for your family and time for yourself.
My tried and trusted methods will allow you to strategise for maximum profit and for maximum personal career satisfaction.
Send me your email address and I will send you a free e-book that you can get stuck into at the start of our therapy ‘school term’!
The book is called ‘The 3 mistakes that therapists make in their business by not using a recommendations system and ….how to fix them!’ and is full of hints and tips. They are the easy-to-adopt methods that I have used to build my own profitable and highly-regarded clinic.
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We will always have to juggle, but my methods take the panic out of being a busy therapist with a family to care for.
Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,


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