Discover The Three Core Pillars To Running A
Successful And Profitable Physical Therapy Business

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7th June 2018

UK – 8pm | EDT – 3pm | PDT – 12pm

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If you are a Physical Therapist (Physiotherapist), Osteopath, or Chiropractor then you can create your own thriving therapy business.

After being a Physiotherapist for 19 years and running a busy clinic, I am able to share with you the 3 core pillars to running a successful and profitable business.

In This Free ​Training, You Will Discover:

How to create a therapy business that:

  • Enables you to become the authority in your market place, whilst building your professional reputation.
  • Attracts all the patients that you need to run your own busy therapy business.
  • Runs itself effortlessly once you have put the correct systems in place.

During this training I’m going to:

  • Give you the exact steps that I used to fill my own practice from start-up to full in 6 months when I first opened my clinic and I am still using these steps myself today.
  • Show you the Three Success Pillars behind every profitable clinic.
  • Explain the easy-to-follow system to fill your clinic consistently with high-paying clients, by creating a word-of-mouth recommendation system.
  • Organize your diary so that you can have more time off, creating the perfect work-life balance for you and your family.
  • Give you real life examples from some of the therapists I have had the pleasure to work with, not only to share their knowledge but to inspire you to follow in their footsteps.
  • Share with you the templates that I use in my own clinic to streamline the running of it behind the scenes.
  • Help you take the simple steps so you work only with your ideal clients and charge your worth.

Jayne Wells

Jayne has been a Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist) for 19 years and has run her own busy clinic for over 12 years. She loves to help professional therapists, to identify how they can create their own thriving practice.

Her passion is identifying how to bring a therapy business alive and enabling the therapist to make good money from their expertise.

Jayne has an encouraging and supportive style in her teaching and you can’t help but be inspired by her passion to help therapists be the best version of themselves in her various training programs.

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