Abundant Therapist: Meet Entrepreneur Ellen!

As a business coach, I meet successful therapists who have built up thriving clinics from scratch.
They have done it all by themselves. They started out on their own and worked as many hours as they could to build a business that is profitable and well-regarded.
I call this therapist Entrepreneur Ellen – or Ethan. They are my most successful virtual therapists to whom I offer my top level of coaching.
These therapists are usually, but not always, physiotherapists or osteopaths with a professional qualification.
They have created busy clinics through their professional expertise – but running the business side of their operation has always been a challenge.
They employ administration staff and other therapists but, as their clinic has grown, their role has changed from therapist to entrepreneur.
And it is a shift of gear that has not always gone smoothly.
My Entrepreneur Ellen has a business that turns over more than $100,000 but sometimes she thinks that life would have been easier – and more fun – if she had not had so much ambition.
Running a one-woman operation may have been less hassle than managing staff and looking after business premises. She feels she would have had more time to dedicate to her clients and have plenty of time for her growing family.
It is this nagging doubt that is preventing Entrepreneur Ellen from expanding her empire. She could open a second clinic but she needs support and guidance – and is not sure where to find it.
I can help Ellen and I can help you, if you are in this position.
We know that we are wonderful therapists, but sometimes it is the business side of our operation that gets too much.
After all, we embarked on our careers to care for our clients, not sort out staff payroll problems and website malfunctions.
My Abundant Therapist coaching system offers a one-to-one detailed analysis of your business with targeted advice on how to improve your operation very fast.
I offer on-going support that will free up time and generate more income for you.
The first step is to contact me. Tell me if Ellen sounds like you and we will take it from there.
I can turn your ambition into a reality by showing you how to implement strategies and best business systems.
Sign up on to my therapists’ Facebook page by registering your email and I will get in touch and we can start work.
Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,


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