Abundant Therapist: Migraine Awareness Week

I have mentioned before the value of being part of health awareness days and one information week that we can all be a part of is Migraine Awareness Week which runs in the UK from September 3 to 9.
Many migraine patients who take medication also seek complementary therapy.
Indeed the UK’s Migraine Trust includes acupuncture, supplements and herbs in the list of treatment options on its website.
Make your clients aware of any treatments you give that may be suitable for migraine. They may not suffer themselves but they may know someone who does.
If you have a website, put up some information about Migraine Awareness Week, explaining how you can help.
Use your social media platforms to talk about migraine and how your treatments may help.
Why not offer an introductory sessions for migraine sufferers who are interested but perhaps nervous about trying complementary therapy.
Linking in to health awareness days is an excellent way of reaching out to new clients and the easiest way to do this is to contact your existing clients.
We are now in August when most people are in holiday-mode so why not send them a virtual ‘postcard’ from your clinic, wishing them well for the summer.
Include details of upcoming events, like the Migraine Awareness Week, and invite them to make an early booking for September when life gets busy again.
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Until the next time.

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