Abundant Therapist: My booking system has saved me six hours a week

I am passionate about putting my patients first and that commitment starts the very moment they make contact with me.

I am also passionate about working smart and using my time to earn as much money as I can whilst ensuring I have time for my family.

That’s why I decided to sign up for a booking system that saves me six hours a week in returning calls and organising appointments.

That’s right – six hours. Now, I must admit I was sceptical about signing up to a system, preferring to be in control of my own diary.

But a fellow business owner urged me to try it and I am convinced and so are my patients.

They tell me they like the simplicity of booking online or altering upcoming appointments. They also like paying electronically before the treatment.

For me, the benefits are countless. There are many systems out there but I have chosen Emerging Entrepreneur and it more than pays for itself.

It is easy to set up with your online calendar and is inexpensive. You can have a free, seven-day trial while the basic booking system is free.

As soon as a patient books, they receive a confirmation email. I have set up my system so they get a reminder 24 hours before the appointment.

They can change their appointment but not at the last minute, meaning I do not have any DNAs (did not attend).

I have the app on my iPhone so if I meet a prospective patient I can book them in right there.

I find I am fitting in more patients, making more money and spending less time on admin.

It’s a win-win situation.

Why not give the system a free trial and let me know what you think.

Click here for your free seven-day trial

It’s certainly worked for me.

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