Abundant Therapist: Personal Mentoring

I believe that personal mentoring is the key to unlocking your business potential.
You will have trained to become a therapist but who showed you how to run a business? No one, I bet. You are making it up as you go along like so many therapists I meet.
On my website you can find all the details about my Unbeatable, Undivided and Unstoppable coaching packages. You can read about my strategies, what I do when I visit you and how I keep in touch over many months to ensure you are carrying out my action plan.
You can read all that but today I want to share with you how my coaching makes therapists feel.
So many therapists I see are working in the dark. They are packing in appointments whenever they can, leaving themselves no planning or down time. It is their business but they are not in charge.
Therapists like you become disillusioned, exhausted and – above all – short of money.
This is because they have sunk all their cash into their dream of building a successful business. But they do not have a clear business plan.
I can honestly tell you that booking a coaching package with me is the best investment you will make. You will have already spent plenty of money on your clinic decor, your towels and your treatment products but all this will be a waste of money if you do not spend money learning how to run your business.
I help many therapists to turn around their clinics – and I see the same look of relief on their faces when I arrive.
Many are close to giving up. After a few hours with me they are invigorated, focused and motivated to carry on.
Working alone can be tough. If I become your personal mentor you will have an inspiring, supportive and guiding ‘business friend’ to keep you on track.
The hardest part is accepting you need help – and the help I offer comes in three different packages.
I want you to be ‘unbeatable, undivided and unstoppable’ and I can show you how.
Pop your email address in the box on this page, I will contact you and we can get to work.
Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,


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