Abundant Therapist: Networking is simply about getting out and meeting people

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know – that phrase really sums up the concept of networking.

As therapists we are obviously highly-trained so what we know is vital! But never overlook the importance of who you know.

A key part of my business coaching programmes is showing therapists how to build a network. That might mean connecting with fellow therapists in your area or engaging with community events.

I work very closely with fellow therapists in my locality. They often refer to me and I refer to them. I have spoken about this many times and cannot overestimate how important it is to establish a therapy network if you are trying to build your business and make more money.

I hope you are doing this already and reaping the benefits. But it is also important to be a part  of community events.

Let me tell you about a project I am part of. I sit on a school careers advisory panel which helps teenagers who are considering a career in healthcare.

The students have read all about medicine, physiotherapy or whatever else they are interested in. But nothing beats a first hand, warts and all account of what a job is really like.

We give the students a frank and detailed picture of what it means to be a hospital doctor or a physiotherapist. We can answer questions far more ably than any careers teacher.

The students benefit from our meetings but so do I. For me, sitting on the careers panel has enabled me to build important relationships with doctors from the local area.

I knew the orthopaedic consultant by name already, but now I know him personally. Connections like this are good for business. He can refer to me and I can refer to him.

Are there community events in your town that you could be a part of? Could you volunteer to speak or have a stall at a careers fair?  Could you volunteer at a sporting event like a half marathon or family fun run?

I really enjoy meeting both the students and my fellow practitioners at careers sessions. It means that although I work for myself, I am still in the loop, I am meeting people and expanding my network.

Give it a go. If you need help setting up a network, take a look at my Fill Your Practice coaching system. It will help you make more connections and make more money.

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