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Niche markets – what do I mean? Well, when I talk about niche markets I mean finding the clients that you really, really enjoy working with.

Remember, it is your business – so it is your choice.

In my business, I am a sports physiotherapist or physical therapist as it is called in some parts of the world.

My official title is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist which means that I work with muscles, bones and other soft tissue injuries in those areas.

I specialise in working with athletes, professional or amateur, who want to get back into their sport.

I work with tennis players, horse riders, ultra marathon runners, triathletes, as well as amateur golfers who are maybe retired and play for a hobby and people who love to walk or trek.

So my niche market is helping people who are motivated to get better. They come to see me for a series of treatments to get back to their sport or to recover from an operation, whether it is a total knee replacement, an arthroscopy, which is keyhole surgery often to the knee or shoulder, or something like back surgery. It is my job is to get them back to fitness, back to the sport they wish to do.

So I can say my niche market is working with anyone who wants to get back to their sport or activity. As for my age range – my youngest patient is eight years old, my oldest is 87.

So have a think about your niche market. Who do you really love working with?. Who would you spend all day working with and feel like you are not at work at all?

The more you narrow it down, the better you will be as a therapist and the more successful and happy you will be in your job. Find your niche market and it will bring job satisfaction as well as many more clients.

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Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,Jayne

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