Ouch my ankleWould you believe it….my husband is healing well from his spinal surgery and will soon be back to work….and now I’ve had a fall.

Out running with our dog Roxy last weekend, I had a spectacular fall over on my left ankle. To say it took my breath away is an understatement!

Luckily a lovely passer by came to my rescue and got me home ready for a trip to A & E. After a few X-rays it was confirmed that there was probably a small fracture in the talus bone and I’m to wear a boot and use crutches until I can weight bear on it.

Well it literally stopped me in my tracks and I have had to re-evaluate how I can work.

It’s amazing when you are on a certain path and then you get a curve ball which sends you in the completely the opposite direction. Or maybe it brings you to a cross road and makes you make a decision.

I have been doing lots of resting with my foot up and soul searching on what I need to do to get through the next 6 weeks whilst I’m injured.

I can still treat my patients with the use of a wheelie chair and my trusted boot. It’s not ideal but I have a clinic full of patients who still need my knowledge and treatment.

It will also give me more time to help you with your business if you need it.

As you know I recently launched my Fill Your Practice system on Kickstarter which had an amazing response.

I will continue to spread the word and help therapists like you to find clients, turn them into paying clients and then keep them coming back year after year.

At the last count I have over 700 patients on my books, that is more than one new patient a week over the past 10 years I have run my business from home, solely from word of mouth referrals.

I’ve got lots of new ideas and thoughts how I can help you, so drop me a line if you have a burning questions. I’ve love to hear from you.

I’m off for another ice pack so I’ll check in again soon.

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,


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