Abundant Therapist: Why now is time to start New Year planning

At the start of the year, do you fill in your diary for the 12 months ahead? Or do you just go from week-to-week?

Therapists who I coach find they are so much more productive when they learn to use their diary properly.

With just one month to go before the New Year, now is the time to get out and buy yourself a old-fashioned diary or update your digital diary. Or do both. You can never be too organised!

Therapists who join my coaching programme discover that forward planning is my mantra. I plan for success – and I achieve it. And they learn how to do so too.

Planning is the foundation of my coaching strategy. You have to cement the bedrock of your business so it can grow and grow.

A few tips…

I have young children so I always put in the school term times and the holidays straight away.

I can then plan my heavy working weeks when my children are at school and I organise a lighter working load when they are off school.

I always give myself a minimum of six weeks’ holiday a year. How many weeks do you plan into your working year?

In my diary I make a note of public holidays, school events and family commitments so I have an overview of the year ahead.

In this way I can optimise my schedule to keep a work/life balance and keep control of what I am doing and when to maximise my efficiency and my earnings.

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