Abundant Therapist: Reliability is the key to making more money

There is no point in being a fantastic therapist if you are not reliable.

I believe that reliability and trust should be your watchwords as you build your therapy reputation and I will show you how to achieve this.

Work with me on my therapy coaching programmes and you will soon become the go-to therapist in your area.

This means you will be number one in your field of expertise where you live, whether you are a physiotherapist like me (physical therapist in the US) or practise reflexology, physical training, sports massage or whatever is your chosen specialty.

Earning a reputation as a go-to therapist will earn you money and credibility, not to mention job satisfaction. But how do you become the go-to therapist where you live?

My therapy coaching programmes tell therapists exactly how to achieve this and one of the key factors is reliability.

You must be 100 per cent reliable if you are to succeed and make more money.

Imagine this scenario. You are looking for a therapist and receive a recommendation from a friend. You try to contact that therapist to make an inquiry or to book an appointment.

The therapist does not answer your calls or emails. If you do get an answer, they say they cannot see you for weeks. What do you do? You look elsewhere. You take your custom and your cash to another therapist.

My Therapy Business Accelerator and Fastrack coaching programmes show you in easy steps how to capitalise on every recommendation and referral. This is the bedrock of the system I use to make sure my clinic is always full. I know it works as I used it when I was starting out.

I always offer a first appointment to new clients within 48 hours, I return calls promptly and have an on-line booking system.

Using my systems, even therapists starting out on their own will gain a reputation for professionalism and reliability fast. Established therapists will find it so much easier to reach new clients and make more money if they have a foolproof reliable system in place.

My coaching programmes are easy to follow and bring in rewards fast. Therapists who have worked with me have transformed their businesses – and had fun doing it.

If you want to know about signing up for any of my programmes and how to meet like-minded therapists who are committed and focused, then just email me at [email protected] and I will send you more details. They want to grow their businesses and to make real money. Why not join us today?

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I can’t wait for you to join us!





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