Abundant Therapist: You need a system if your therapy clinic is to succeed

This time of year is like a new school term for me at Abundant Therapist.

I get to meet new therapists online who are looking to change the way they do business to make more money.

Those of you who have already worked with me know about my three-step system based on the three principles I have distilled from the many years I have spent treating patients and running my own therapy business.

The first of these I call ‘systems’ and is the foundation of your success. Get the systems right and the bedrock of your business is sound.

It is vital to streamline, simplify and crisis-proof the underlying procedures of running a healthy, wealthy business.

Sign up to my coaching sessions and I will show you how to implement these systems so you can concentrate on your patients.

Getting the systems right means you will never again have to stress about databases, appointment scheduling or any of the other necessary but tedious aspects of being your own boss.

We all trained as therapists so we could use our skills to help our wonderful patients. We did not envisage spending our time dealing with computer crashes and scheduling clashes.

Getting the systems right leaves you time to get on with the role you love – while making more money and getting more job satisfaction.

If you haven’t already received an invitation to join my coaching sessions, send me your email.

I look forward to working with you to set up the systems your business needs to grow and to prosper.

Next time, I will talk more about systems.



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