Abundant Therapist: Some holiday homework!

Even when I am on holiday, my brain is always buzzing with new business ideas.

We all need downtime, but sometimes inspiration strikes when we are rested.

However if you are struggling to come up with new ideas to refresh your therapy clinic and boost profits, here are three strategies you can adopt easily.

Have a think about them and work out how you can incorporate them into your therapy business.

My first tip is to always highlight your strengths. What better way to do this than to spread the word about how great your patients find you?

Client testimonials are a powerful way of telling potential clients about your services. They must always be 100 per cent genuine, of course.

What you do is contact patients who have complimented you. Ask if you would be able to share their experiences.

Give them a form to fill in and use their words for your marketing. Ask your patients to outline their condition in their comments – always maintaining their confidentiality of course.

Being quite specific helps potential patients assess whether your clinic would be right for them.

Another way of boosting your income is to expand your network of fellow therapists. It might seem counter intuitive to seek out the opposition but that is exactly what I do.

I may work alone but I belong to a network of fellow therapists. I am a physiotherapist but I have links to massage therapists, complementary therapists, sports coaches and aesthetic therapists in my area.

I know these wonderful therapists and can recommend them with confidence – and they do the same for me.

The third tip is to join a business community online – like my Abundant Therapist Facebook community.

It is a wonderful arena in which to ask questions, share challenges and celebrate what we do well.

You can sign up right now on this page. Send me your email address and I will send you by return my free e-book which will give you a taste of my business coaching methods.

It is called The 3 mistakes that therapists make in their business by not using a recommendations system and ….how to fix them!’

I know you will enjoy it.


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