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Running a Small Clinic $50,000-$100,000

You are in the next phase of your business. You have a decent-sized database of clients and you are making good money from your practice. You have been in business for a few years but you are now so busy you have created yourself a job. You are busy managing most things on your own but you want to expand and free up some of your time. You need to set up serious systems in your business and set up some automation.

You typically earn between $50,000 – $100,000.

So who are you?

You are earning good money from your therapy business. You work hard and you feel that all you ever do is work. You are a victim of your own success and you have very little time to do what you want or have any free time. You have come to a crossroads where you will have to decide about taking on some admin staff and associates or setting up time-saving automation, like an online booking system. You are thrilled with your progress but it’s time to decide how you take the business further. You might also be feeling guilty about neglecting those around you so that you can run your business.

What are your challenges?

Your main challenge is that you are time poor. Up to now you have done everything yourself and built a really successful business. But now as your clinic is so busy you find yourself trying to juggle paperwork, treating clients, arranging appointments, marketing, bookkeeping and trying to find some time for yourself and your family. Your to-do list seems to be getting longer and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe you feel like you should work harder to get everything done but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to stay on top of everything. You know that you’re doing a great job but if only you had a bit of ‘me’ time.

What do you need?

You need to start to work on your business and not in your business. It’s time to start to create more systems, automate your business, bring on associates and start outsourcing. This way your business can scale up without you having to do more work, but in fact, you can do less whilst earning more if you get this set up properly from the start. All of a sudden you will notice how much more efficiently your business is running so you can concentrate on doing the tasks that you love and outsourcing the activities that you’re not so good at. You will transform your work life balance and enjoy working but also take time off.

What Jayne can offer you.

You will truly benefit from some one-to-one coaching with Jayne.

Jayne believes that it’s all about ‘you’ so she has developed the ‘3 yoU’ system of coaching, ‘Undivided’, ‘Unbeatable’, and finally ‘Unstoppable’. She wants you to benefit from her years of expertise. You will become so laser-focused in what is needed for your business that the steps will be easy and fun to implement.

Individual one-to-one coaching with Jayne. She will talk you through where you are now in your business and where you want to be. Then together you will devise a step-by-step plan to implement exactly what you need to do in your business to make those goals come to life.Jayne has a practical approach to coaching and she finds that the one-to-one VIP days are particularly powerful in working on the strategy of your business and setting the foundations for your success. Jayne particularly likes working with people who are highly motivated and serious about making changes in their business fast!

Jayne has various coaching packages from a full one-to-one VIP day where you will spend the whole day with Jayne and really brainstorm what you need in your business and how you want your create your business to work around your life.This powerful and dynamic day is all about ‘Undivided’ attention with a one-to-one VIP day concentrating on the laser-focus strategy of your business. It will consist of

  • Full day one-to-one coaching
  • Transforming your business from where it is now, to where you want it to be
  • Making financial, strategic, business and emotional goals
  • Putting a marketing plan in place for the next 12 months
  • Guiding you in what is right for you and your lifestyle
  • There will be advice, specific planning and a step-by-step plan on what to do next
  • Email support for a month after the day together

She offers regular Skype calls on a bi-weekly basis to keep you on track in implementing your precise steps to success. This series of six 30 minute phone calls over 3 months will help you to become ‘Unbeatable’ in your business and will allow you to work with Jayne intensively over that period.She will expertly guide you in these areas:

  • Through any concerns that you might have with your business
  • Making long and short term goals crystal clear
  • Supporting you in your business
  • Advice and strategy
  • Setting up your marketing plan
  • Planning your next steps
  • Finding more clients
  • Earning more money in your business
  • Email support for 3 months

There is also a combination of the two depending on your needs. This is the ultimate package for solo practitioners, which will help you become ‘Unstoppable’. This amazing package combines an intensive one-to-one VIP day to get you started and then 3 months of six 30 minute phone calls to keep you accountable. This is the most dynamic of all the packages and the results are quick and profitable. You will

  • Get the full benefits from the intensive and dynamic VIP day
  • Plus have six 30 minute phone calls during the following 3 months
  • Have a full marketing plan in place over the next 12 month period
  • You will be held accountable and have Jayne’s full support
  • You will have clarity in your business to allow you to become laser-focused on what you need to do next
  • Be able to make your business profitable
  • Then over the months turn it into a thriving business
  • Have full email support for 6 months.

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